EWU library introduced Online Article Request Service. If you are unable to get access to a certain full text article from any subscribed E-Resource Database, you may request us for your desired articles through online request form.

Due to maintenance works, Library resources, furniture and fixtures will be shifted to new locations. During shifting period (15-24 March 2018), EWU Library services will be completely closed. Library services will be resumed partly from 25 March 2018 in following way:


ILO AND Research4Life launch online access to legal research and training for developing countries. The International Labour Organization (ILO) and its partners will launch a new Research4Life programme called “Global Online Access to Legal Information” (GOALI), on Tuesday, 6 March.

Some times our respected members forget their user name, password or both (OPAC, Website, MyAthens) and face difficulties when login to enjoy that services.