Library entrance rules



1. The Library is open to all who have a valid East West University Identity card (ID card) treated as Library membership card which must be shown at the entrance or inside the library, if require. Who does not possess any of these is not allowed to receive any library facilities.

2.  Silence is to be strictly maintained in the Library.

3.  Seats and computer terminals of the library are not reserved.

4.  One computer for one user only, maximum using period 30 minutes at a time.

5.  The library is a place for self study; users’ behavior should reflect this and they should respect the needs of others.

6.  Persons using the library shall abstain from any kind of discussions or group study and any other form of noise is not allowed inside the Library.

7.  The consumption of foods and drinks and the use of personal audio/video equipments are not permitted in the library.

8.  Personal books/spiral bindings/envelops/any kind of files/file covers/ are not allowed inside the library

9.  Mobile phones should be switched off inside the library. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a fine and/or expulsion from the Library.

10.  Users’ who have been found guilty of misconduct, or who interfere with the comfort of others, make excessive noise, cause damage in the library, and disfigure or mutilate any library material  in any way in the opinion of the library personnel, may be excluded for the remainder of that day and shall compensate the university for any damage caused.

11.  Exercise khata, pens, pencil, rubber, geometric boxes, and calculators, loose pages etc. are allowed inside the library.

12. The library has no accountability in case of damage or theft of personal belongings left unattended in side the library.