Our objectives are:

  • To support and facilitate the research, learning, teaching and administrative activities of the University, by organizing, maintaining and providing access to appropriate literature and information resources in such a way as to provide optimum benefit for Library users.

  • To provide an appropriate and comfortable environment, accommodation and facilities for the use of Library resources.

  • To support the University emerge as a leading university of the country, embracing traditional values of higher education but adapted to the global community of the 21st century.

  • To identify, acquire, organize, store, and provide on-demand access to the available intellectual and research products of scholars to support teaching, learning, research and creative endeavours.

  • To provide greater access to digital collections while continuing to build and improve access to collections in all formats to meet the research and teaching needs of the university.

  • To foster information literacy and work involving the EWU community and to enable users to think critically, create knowledge, and be life-long learners.

  • To provide and ensure quality services and good professional practice in library activities.