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marc PDF icon cataloguing manual.pdf MARC21 Manual Download
Library User Guide for Spring 2019 PDF icon library_user_guide_spring_2019.pdf
Shelf Location of DLR (Dhaka Law Reports) PDF icon shelf_location_of_dlr_dhaka_law_reports.pdf
Shelf Location of PLD (Pakistan Legal Decisions) PDF icon shelf_location_of_pld_pakistan_legal_decisions.pdf
Shelf Location of BLT, MLR, BLD and British Pharmacopoeia PDF icon shelf_location_of_blt_mlr_bld_and_british_pharmacopoeia.pdf
Self-Renewal Service PDF icon self-renewal_service.pdf
Subject Wise Shelf List: Reserve Section Office spreadsheet icon subject_wise_shelf_list-reserve_section.xls
Subject Wise Shelf List: Circulation Section Office spreadsheet icon subject_wise_shelf_list-circulation_section.xls
Classified Shelf Arrangement PDF icon classified_shelf_arrangement.pdf
Class Number Wise Shelf List: Researve Section Office spreadsheet icon class_number_wise_shelf_list_researve_section.xls
Class Number Wise Shelf List: Circulation Section PDF icon class_number_wise_shelf_list_circulation_section.pdf
Manupatra User Manual PDF icon manupatra.pdf
Manupatra coverage File manupatra_coverage.docx
Wiley Online Library PDF icon wiley_online_library.pdf Wiley Online Library
EBSCOhost User Manual PDF icon user_guide_how_to_access_ebscohost.pdf EBSCOhost User Manual
ARDI User Guide PDF icon ardi_user_guide_by_afrin.pdf ARDI User Guide
Edinburgh University Press PDF icon edinburgh_user_guide_by_soikot.pdf Edinburgh University Press
Emerald PDF icon emerald_user_guide_by_soikot.pdf Emerald
Project MUSE Database PDF icon muse_pdf.pdf Project MUSE Database
How to Read a Scientific Paper PDF icon part_a_how_to_read_a_scientific_paper_2014_06-1.pdf How to Read a Scientific Paper
Library User Guide PDF icon library_user_guide_2018_02_06.pdf
Chicago Citation Style Guide PDF icon chicago_pdf_final.pdf
Harvard Referencing Style PDF icon harvard_referencing_style_guide.pdf
OSCOLA citation style PDF icon OSCOLA.pdf
American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition Citation Style Guide PDF icon american_psychological_association_apa_2018.pdf
EWU Library User Guide PDF icon library_user_guide_fall_2018_final.pdf
Literature searching from e-resources Office presentation icon literature_search_from_e-resource_30-11-207.ppt Google Doc View
EWU Library flyer updated in Fall 2017 PDF icon updated_on-2017_11-13.pdf
Book Shelving Location Circulation Section PDF icon bk-selving-circulation.pdf
EWU Library Orientation Office presentation icon ewu_library_orientation.ppt Google Doc View