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Information Literacy-Spring-2021 PDF icon Information Literacy-Spring-2021.pdf
Online Membership Guide PDF icon Online Membership Guide.pdf
Library User Guide PDF icon Library User Guide_12 July 2021.pdf
EWU Library Flyer PDF icon Library_Brochure-Flyer_12 July 2021.pdf
DSpace Non-Exclusive License Agreement Form PDF icon DSpace Non-Exclusive License Agreement_UPDATED.pdf
MARC (MAchine-Readable Cataloging) standard PDF icon cataloguing manual.pdf MARC21 Manual Download
Shelf Location of DLR (Dhaka Law Reports) PDF icon shelf_location_of_dlr_dhaka_law_reports.pdf
Shelf Location of PLD (Pakistan Legal Decisions) PDF icon shelf_location_of_pld_pakistan_legal_decisions.pdf
Shelf Location of BLT, MLR, BLD and British Pharmacopoeia PDF icon shelf_location_of_blt_mlr_bld_and_british_pharmacopoeia.pdf
Self-Renewal Service PDF icon self-renewal_service.pdf
Subject Wise Shelf List: Reserve Section Office spreadsheet icon subject_wise_shelf_list-reserve_section.xls
Subject Wise Shelf List: Circulation Section Office spreadsheet icon subject_wise_shelf_list-circulation_section.xls
Classified Shelf Arrangement PDF icon classified_shelf_arrangement.pdf
Class Number Wise Shelf List: Researve Section Office spreadsheet icon class_number_wise_shelf_list_researve_section.xls
Class Number Wise Shelf List: Circulation Section PDF icon class_number_wise_shelf_list_circulation_section.pdf
Manupatra User Manual PDF icon manupatra.pdf
Manupatra coverage File manupatra_coverage.docx
Wiley Online Library PDF icon wiley_online_library.pdf Wiley Online Library
EBSCOhost User Manual PDF icon user_guide_how_to_access_ebscohost.pdf EBSCOhost User Manual
ARDI User Guide PDF icon ardi_user_guide_by_afrin.pdf ARDI User Guide
Edinburgh University Press PDF icon edinburgh_user_guide_by_soikot.pdf Edinburgh University Press
Emerald PDF icon emerald_user_guide_by_soikot.pdf Emerald
Project MUSE Database PDF icon muse_pdf.pdf Project MUSE Database
How to Read a Scientific Paper PDF icon part_a_how_to_read_a_scientific_paper_2014_06-1.pdf How to Read a Scientific Paper
Library User Guide PDF icon library_user_guide_2018_02_06.pdf
Chicago Citation Style Guide PDF icon Chicago Citation Style.pdf
Harvard Referencing Style PDF icon Harvard Referencing Style Guide.pdf
OSCOLA citation style PDF icon OSCOLA.pdf
APA (American Psychological Association) 6th Edition Referencing Style PDF icon APA 6th ed. Citation Style.pdf
EWU Library User Guide PDF icon library_user_guide_fall_2018_final.pdf