Constraints Faced by the Banana Farmers of Kuliarchar Upazila under Kishoreganj District


The main purpose of the study was to determine the constraints facing by banana farmers in Kuliarchar upazila under Kishoreganj district. This study was mainly based on the primary data collected from 105 farmers selected randomly from a population of 525 of nine villages of Kuliarchar upazila under Kishoreganj district. The findings of the study reveal that the farmers faced various problems in banana cultivation. The comparative constraints facing by the banana farmers in the five selected aspects have been shown in the Problem Constraints Index (PCI). The PCI indicated the banana farmers had high constraints in disease. Extent of constraints facing in field management came next in the rank then marketing, improved sucker and agricultural credit respectively. Statistical tests showed that education, agricultural knowledge of banana farmers and extension contact of those banana farmers had significant negative relationships with their faced constraints in the five selected aspects of banana cultivation. The study also provided suggestions for the solution of the problems and some recommendations were also made for the improvement of the banana cultivation.

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