Management and Profitability of Fish Seed Production


Proper management is the pre-condition of quality seed of fish hatchery. This paper examined the management strategies as well as profitability of fish seed hatchery in Bangladesh. Four fish hatchery concentrated districts has been chosen and total 56 hatcheries were randomly selected for this research. Brood stock management, feeding, water management and spawning are the main technical components of hatchery operations. Sources of brood, age, size and weight of broods are the main criteria of quality brood selection. Hormone pushed in brood at proper time and right manner is very important to get quality seed. Stocking density and proper male-female ratio in brood pond is another important determinant of hatchery management. Overall, the hatchery business is very lucrative, because on an average the spawn production was 1375 kg per farm and the net return (on the basis of total cost) was Tk.1886937, Tk. 680844 and Tk. 284444 for large, medium and small hatchery respectively.

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