The Impact of IT on Organizational Structure: The Case Study of Damghan city in Iran


IT is a universal Technology and influences all aspects and functions of organizations and has the potential to change the social and economical conditions of nations and countries. This study investigates influence of IT on organizational structure of Governmental organizations in city of Damqan. To perform this survey, some hypotheses were made and influence of IT of structural dimensions, centralization and decentralization in strategic and tactical decisions, formalization and vertical and horizontal differentiation have been analyzed based on these hypotheses. Regarding variables type and analyzing research hypotheses, correlative description was chosen as an approach in this study. As a general conclusion. it was followed that IT has a meaningful influence on organization structure. Regarding specific hypotheses, IT has a direct and meaningful influence on tactical decentralization and a direct and partially, meaningful influence on formalization, horizontal differentiation and centralization in strategic decisions. IT has also an indirect but meaningless influence on vertical differentiation.


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