Constraints Faced by the Fishermen in Flood Prone Areas of Jamalpur District


The main objectives of the study were to determine the constraints faced by the fishermen of flood prone areas and to explore the relationship between the constraints faced by the fishermen of flood prone area and their selected characteristics. The study was carried out at Kalikapur and Borkhal village under Dewangonj Upazila of Jamalpur district. Data were collected from a sample of 77 fishermen by using interview schedule during 20 September to 15 October 2009. Constraints faced by the fishermen was measured on the basis of their constraints in response to fishing, livestock and poultry, housing and shelter, health and sanitation and affect of muscle man. Constraints in each of the subsections were measured firstly and then overall constraints were measured by adding the score of the sub-sections. Pearson's Product Moment Correlation Coefficient (r) was used to explore the relationship between the concerned variables. On the basis of total score obtained, majority of the fishermen (81.8 percent) had faced medium constraints, 16.9 percent had high and the rest 1.3 percent had faced very low constraints. Out of the nine selected characteristics of the respondent age, cosmopoliteness and duration of living showed significantly positive relationships whereas education, extension media contact, and knowledge on constraints of flood showed negative significant relationship with their faced constraints. During flood most the fishermen faced high constraints. Thus, it could be concluded that the concerned authority should take necessary actions against the problems based on the finding of the study.

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