Adoption of Farming Technology by the Charland Farmers


The main objective of this study was to determine the extent of adoption of farming technology by selected char land farmers. The study was conducted in Monsurnagar union of Kazipur upazila under Sirajgonj district. Data were collected from randomly selected 120 charland households heads using pretested interview schedule during May to June 2010. Majority of the respondents were found middle aged having primary level of education, medium family size, small farm size, medium income, moderate farming experience and low contact with information sources. Charland farmers are using different technology for management of diversified farming systems like crop, livestock and poultry, fisheries and homestead agroforestry. Majority of the respondents (41.7%) were medium category in adoption of different farming technologies whereas 40 percent respondent had low adoption and only 18.3 percent respondent had high adoption. Charland farmers are practicing some promising technologies like goat rearing, pigeon rearing, beef fattening, cultivation of vegetables in homestead areas and cultivation of spices and condiments in shady places. Education, farm size, family size, annual income and contact with the sources of information showed significant positive relationship with their adoption of farming technology.

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