Library Sections

Acquisition Section:
The Acquisitions Section is responsible for the acquisition of all books, monographs, government documents and gifts for the EWU Libraries. Acquisitions Section supports the Libraries' staff in their efforts to acquire and maintain information resources for education and research. There are generally five steps taken in order to acquire material for a library collection whether physical or digital.
1. Request processing
2. Verification
3. Ordering
4. Reporting (fiscal management)
5. Receiving orders
Circulation Section:
The following facilities in Circulation Section are available:
  1. Issuance of text books, audio cassettes, and CD-ROM's.
  2. Issuance and renewal of library membership.
  3. Search corner for online journals and library database.
  4. Text materials
  5. Study space
Reference Section:
Readers often have to consult books and materials, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, Yearbooks, and the like for data or information. Normally, a reader would not need to remove such books from the Reading Room. Consequently, these books are never issued to anyone, but are used in the Library premises and for Photocopy.
Reserve Section:
Users are not allowed to borrow books from the Reserve Section, where confined books are preserved for use in library premise. Users are requested not to move any book from reserve section to other section.
Newspaper and Journal Section:
More than 140 local and foreign journals, magazines, yearbooks, bulletin etc and 18 national newspapers are displayed in this section. Besides remarkable number of contributory journals and magazines are available in this section. Information materials of this section cannot be borrowed. User may read and request the library personnel for photocopy of their required materials.
The following facilities are available in the library.
  1. Photocopy from library materials
  2. Study space