Video, Learning and Food Security- New Thinking for Supporting Farmer-to-Farmer Learning in Bangladesh


Importance of agricultural extension to eliminate poverty, vulnerability and hunger is not necessary to overemphasize. However, extension services in Bangladesh missed the opportunity to reduce poverty in a cost-effective way. This is partly due to lack of creative and innovative ways to support farmer-to-farmer learning. In this paper we present our thoughts, empirical evidences and vision about approaches of videomediated learning to enhance household food security. Following a normative review of concepts and evidences we described a model of participatory video (PV) supported women farmers’ capacity building process for homestead crop and seed production. We argued that PV has untapped potentials to enhance farmers’ innovation and creativity that contributes to increased household food production and utilization. We expect that this model will contribute to our journey towards achieving a food secure rural Bangladesh. To let it happen we need to be inventive at personal and organizational level of partnerships.

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