A Scale to Measure Farmers’ Attitude towards Integrated Plant Nutrient Management


The study was designed to construct a standardized scale to measure the attitude of farmers towards integrated plant nutrient management (IPNM) through integration of Thurston’s technique of equal appearing interval and Likert’s technique of summated ratings scale. Data were collected during July to November, 2003. A total of 26 items of integrated plant nutrient management were selected through extensive review of literature and discussion with extension experts, the items were edited in the light of 14 criteria of Edwards and subjected to judge’s ratings by the subject matter specialists on a three point continuum. Considering relevancy analysis, scale value and Q value obtained by judge ratting of subject matter specialists, 21 items were selected. Afterwards, 16 items were selected based on scale and Q value with seven point continuum from further judge rating by extension experts. Finally, twelve items were selected for the scale based on the results of item analysis. Significant reliability coefficients of the finalized attitude scale towards IPNM were 0.983 and 0.944 for split half and test retest method, respectively which indicated high stability of the attitude scale to measure farmers attitude towards IPNM.

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