Risks Faced by the Women Tea Workers to Maintain Livelihood


The main objective of the study was to determine the risks faced by the women tea workers to maintain livelihood. The study was conducted at tea garden of National Tea Industries, at east Shahi Eidgah of Sylhet Sadar in Bangladesh. Data were collected from 120 sampled women throughout June, 2012 using interview schedule as principle tool. More than 85% of the women workers faced medium to high risk. The mean risk was highest for food and housing aspect and lowest for financial aspect. Incidence of back pain due to carry bag of tea leaves for long time was the top risk followed by incidence of breaking down/heavy effect on houses due to natural disaster (hail storm, cyclone etc.) and risk of food shortage in family diet due to insufficient ration. Number of dependent members had significant positive relation and formal education and income had significant negative relation with the risks faced by women tea workers to maintain livelihood.

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