Representation of Phulbari Coal Mine Issue in Documentary Films of Bangladesh


 Bangladesh has few natural resources of which coal is one. Phulbari is a coal rich area of Bangladesh. On the other Phulbari coal mine project is a burning issue in Bangladesh politics. Global alliance of corporate capital and some local interest wanted to extract coal through open pit mining method at Phulbari which will destroy the particular area. Many people will be dislocated and terrible effects will occur on environment if the coal mine project is implemented. Thousands of life and many stake holders are related with the coal mine project. As we know documentary film is based on real people and real life. It evolves with the actual life of people. In this regard, some documentaries based on this issue were made in our country. In this article, two documentaries Phulbari and Dudh Koyla have been analyzed to see how this critical issue has been depicted in the documentary films. Nationalism of Indigenous group, quiet and peaceful life, courage, consciousness, unity and determination of general people, uncertainty of people’s life, terrible effects on environment, controversial position of policy makers, and comparative images about coal mine have been analysed in this article. Thus, the article helps the concerned people to get the whole dimension of the issue.

Subject and Keywords: