Participation of Male and Female Conventional Farmers in Farming Activities


The main objectives of this research were to determine the extent of participation of conventional farmers (male and female) in farming activities and to explore the relationships between selected characteristics of farmers and their extent of participation. Data were collected through using interview schedule during July to October 2006 from randomly selected 50 farmers (25 male and 25 female) from a total of 128 households. Data revealed that most of the male and female conventional farmers had medium participation in farming activities and male farmers had significantly higher participation than female farmers. Among eleven characteristics of farmers, farm size, social cooperation, access to community facilities and knowledge on organic farming showed significant positive relationship with their extent of participation in farming activities, while age, education, family size, annual family income, organizational affiliation, perception of organic farming and exposure to farming information did not show any significant relationship with their extent of participation. ‘Lack of training’, ‘higher prevalence of insect pests and diseases in organic farm crops’ and ‘livestock rearing seen as additional burden’ were the most important problems for participation in organic farming practices.

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