Management Knowledge of Pond Owners on Pond Fish Farming


The study was conducted to determine the pond owners’ management knowledge on fish farming. The study also attempted to describe some selected characteristics of the pond owners and to explore their relationships with the management knowledge on fish farming. Data were collected by structured interview schedule during 20 October to 12 November, 2009 from 118 randomly selected pond owners of Dewanganj Upazila under Jamalpur District. Management knowledge of farmers was computed by asking questions about five major aspects of pond management such pond preparation, fry release, fish feed, fish disease, and harvesting and marketing of fish. Data revealed that the highest proportion (43%) of the pond owners had relatively low knowledge while 27% of them had medium knowledge and about 30% of them had high to very high knowledge on pond fish farming. Knowledge achieved by pond owners on “fish feed” dimension had highest score followed by “pond preparation” dimension score. Education, family size, farm size, pond area, annual income, credit availability, extension media contact, training exposure and cosmopoliteness of the pond owners had significant positive relationship with their management knowledge in pond fish farming.

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