Knowledge of the Farmers about TV Programme


The main purpose of this study was to determine and describe the extent of knowledge of the farmers about TV programme and some other related aspects. This study also attempted to explore the relationship between farmers’ knowledge about TV programme and their selected characteristics. Data were collected from a randomly selected sample of 118 farmers by interviewing personally during September to October, 2009 from Narayanpur and Bhabakhali villages under Sadar Upazila of Mymensingh district. About three-fifth (58 percent) of the respondents had medium level of knowledge about TV programme as compared to 42 percent having low level, while none had high level of knowledge about TV programme. All the farmers watched Bangla news and drama in respect of topics, while 92 to 93 percent of them watched Krishi Dibanishi and Mati-OManush in respect of agricultural programmes. Eighty nine percent of the farmers watched television immediately after evening, while 69 percent of them watched television in the evening with an overlapping situation. In case of places of watching, most (91 percent) of the farmers watched TV at market. In case of problems faced by the farmers, electric problem in the house was the major problem. Among the 12 selected characteristics problem confrontation and fatalism had significant and negative relationship with their knowledge about TV programme.

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