Involvement of Women in Farming System Activities in Sader Upazila of Mymensingh District


The study was mainly designed to determine the extent of involvement of women in activities related to farming system and to explore the relationships the between involvement of women to farming system activities and their characteristics. The study was conducted in two unions of sader upazila under Mymensingh district. In all 100 women were randomly selected as sample from a population of 1042. Data were collected from March 01 to April 01, 2009 through personal interviewing. The findings revealed that about three-quarters (70 percent) of the women had medium and high involvement in farming system while 30 percent had low involvement. The coefficient of correlation indicates that level of education, family size, farm size, annual family income, training exposure, knowledge of farming system of the respondents were positively correlated with their involvement in farming system activities while farming experience showed negative relationship with their involvement. The age of the women was not significant relation with their involvement to farming system activities.

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