Farmers’ Access to ICT Initiatives for Agricultural Information in Bangladesh


The agriculture sector of Bangladesh faces major challenges for enhancing production in a situation of dwindling natural resources necessary for production. Agricultural information is played very important role to face the challenges and to enhance the rural economic development of Bangladesh. The agriculture sector could leverage the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to disseminate the right information at the right time and at right place. The cost factor in traditional information dissemination system and the difficulties in reaching the target people have necessitated the introduction of ICT in agriculture. Different organizations have launched a number of initiatives for dissemination of agricultural information. This paper provides an overview of some initiatives those utilize ICT in delivering agricultural information. The aim of this paper is to discuss the influence of ICT initiatives in disseminating agriculture information to the rural farmers. Finally, the article discussed the challenges and opportunities of ICT initiatives for agricultural development in Bangladesh. The findings of this article could be useful to the policy makers and entrepreneurs to launch future initiatives.

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