Employee Turnover Intention in Bangladesh


In this era of highly volatile business environment organizations are continuously exposed by the mentality of disengaged employees. They are more prone to switch to make progress in their career instead of focusing on fundamental prospects of the organization. It clearly articulates the shifting of the paradigm from simple to complex management of human resources in terms of turnover and retention of employees. There are countless factors responsible for employee turnover intention. This paper urges to explore the factors associated with employee turnover intention in Bangladesh. To conduct this research 145 purposive sample was selected from telecommunication and banking industries. A detailed structured inventory was used to collect primary information which was scored according to the liker-scale. To test the hypothesis a simple correlation matrix was used. This research identified that work load, relationship to peers, employee rewards, status, contribution and career opportunity is more associated with employee turnover intention. To find out the effect of dependent variable (employee turnover intention) a simple regression was also administered which justified the hypothesis a bit further. This paper expects to stimulate advanced researches on human resource management in Bangladesh.

Subject and Keywords: