Effect of Transformation of Cropland into Mango Orchard in a Selected Area of Nawabganj District


The objective of the study was to find out the perceived effect of transformation of cropland into mango orchard on economy, environment, household food security and social status of the mango farmers in two villages of Shibganj upazila under Nawabganj district. Data were collected from a sample of 100 farmers, out of 667, using simple random sampling procedure during 10 April to 12 May, 2014. The effect of transformation on economic, environment, household food security were considered as high by 81 percent, 80 percent and 47 percent of the mango farmers, respectively. But, the effect on social status was medium by 60 percent farmers. Mango cultivation was perceived by the farmers as economically profitable, environment friendly and it also enhances household food security as well as social status. It was concluded that mango orchard was very much beneficial for the study area people. Considering the economic benefit, environmental friendliness, ensure household food security and increase social status farmers of the study area transformed their cropland into mango orchard.

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