Effect of Monga on the Livelihoods of Landless Rural People


The purpose of the study were to identify the causes of monga as perceived by the landless rural people, to determine the effect of monga on different capitals of livelihood of landless rural people and to relate the effect of monga with their selected characteristics. Data were collected from a randomly selected 100 farmers from Sakhahati, Montola, Boilmondiarkhata and Koroiborshel chars of Chilmari union, Chilmari upazila under Kurigam district through interview during March and April, 2007. Most of the respondents had medium effect of monga on their livelihood. No or low scope of work in the lean period and unusual increase in prices of rice were perceived as the major causes of monga by the landless rural people. The relationships between the characteristics of farmers and the effect of monga were tested by computing the co-efficient of correlation. Family income, food security status and credit availability were found negatively correlated with the effect of monga.

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