Credibility of Animal Health Service Providers in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh


The study was undertaken to determine the credibility of different animal health service providers under MFTS project areas. The study was conducted in four upazilas of four districts. The four upazilas were Companyganj under Sylhet district, Modhukhali under Faridpur district, Mathbaria under Perojpur district and Mithamoin under Kishoreganj district. Data were collected from a sample of 549 farmers from March to August 2010. Four types of common veterinary service providers were found the study areas, namely ULO/VS of DLS, VFA of DLS, local private practitioner and LTA under PKSF-POs. A four point rated scale was used to determine the credibility of different animal health service providers. It was found that the local private practitioners of the four types of veterinary service providers had the highest credibility among all categories of the respondents. The ULO/VSs had significantly higher credibility among the villagers living near UVH than the villagers living in remote areas. Credibility of VFA and LTA were substantially low.

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