Constraints Faced by the Nursery Owners in the Production of Saplings


The objective of the study was to ascertain the constraints faced by the nursery owners during the production of saplings in four selected upazilas, namely, Rangpur Sadar, Gongachora, Kaunia and Mithapukur upazilas under Rangpur district. Data were collected from a sample of 94 nursery owners, out of 157, selected by simple random sampling procedure during 20 August to 3 September, 2011. Three aspects of constraints namely input constraints, financial constraints and technical constraints were considered. Majority (77.7%) of the nursery owners faced medium constraints, while 22.3% faced high constraints during the production of saplings. Constraints in respect of technical (44.7%) and financial (42.6%) aspects were the highest compared to input constraints. Among the total 25 constraints under three aspects “unavailability of skilled labour” had the highest mean value (2.32). Farm size, total nursery area, annual income, involvement in nursery, knowledge on nursery and its management, communication exposure, training received and innovativeness had significant negative relationship with the constraints.

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