Access to Maternal and Child Health Care Services in Some Selected Rural Areas of Bangladesh


The present study was concerned with Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services in rural areas. Data were collected from 120 women comprising 60 recipients and 60 non-recipients of MCH services by using interview schedule from two unions of Jessore and Jhenidah districts to achieve the objectives of the study. Findings showed that, recipients appeared to be less educated and poorer, also had less educated husbands with less living children. Recipients had better knowledge about the services provided in MCH centers than non-recipients. The recipients mentioned to have inadequate medicine given from the MCH centers. Due to more distance of the center from home and lack of female MBBS doctor, recipients did not go to the centers. Maternal health complications were less who received the services. Recommendation for adequate supply of medicine, more female doctors and service centers, encouraging clients about the benefits of services was made for effective MCH services and to increase health care seeking behavior in rural areas.

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