SciSpace: An AI-Powered Literature Review Tool for Researchers


SciSpace Literature Review is an AI-powered literature review tool for researchers. It helps the researchers easily search and understand research papers.

With each paper researchers look at, the AI gives clear explanations and shows them related papers, all in one spot. With SciSpace Literature Review, users can:

  • Search for papers on any subject or question
  • Get the main points from those papers
  • Look at many papers at once
  • Conduct literature review in your native language
  • Organize your chosen papers

SciSpace (Formerly Typeset) has released in 2022 developed by Scispace, Bengaluru, India. Please visit the link for details:

If patrons of Dr. S. R. Lasker Library want to learn how to use this tool, please send an email to Shaharima Parvin, Senior Assistant Librarian at for online appoinment.

Happy researching!