Generative AI Tools and Resources

Students and academics rely on technology because it facilitates the integration of various components of active learning and knowledge discovery. Generative AI, a dynamic subdivision of artificial intelligence, utilizes machine learning algorithms to produce or modify information. This technology has the capability to generate a wide range of outputs, such as text, graphics, audio, code, and various other formats. Generative AI techniques have a wide range of applications in academic study and research. The learning process can be strengthened by using them because they can be combined, produced, improved, evaluated, motivated, or altered.
Dr. S. R. Lasker Library has created this page that offers detailed information on how to ethically, creatively, and critically utilize generative AI tools. This comprehensive resource, which includes a collection of diverse university library guides, aims to serve as a centralized hub for all your generative AI requirements. We dedicate ourselves to consistently updating this page. 
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  • Gen AI Annotated bibliography by The Center for Teaching Excellence at  Boston College: "The purpose of this document is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI and its use in the higher education classroom. The resources provided are broken down by audience/subject and come complete with summaries, links to sources, and cross-references to related materials. This information is intended to serve as a jumping off point for effective and productive AI use in education."