Citation Management

Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools are helpful for keeping track of and organizing the various materials (articles, books, etc.) you are considering using for a paper or project. They also help you quickly create citations for your resources in the style that you need (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc. 

EWU Library Team is always ready to assist you managing research sources and generate references/ bibliographies in specific citation styles through different software and tools. You are requested to contact at EWU Reference Section to avail this service. 

Why is it important?

o    Gather all citations and research into a single, searchable interface.

o    Automatically format citations or references in MLA, APA, Chicago, and many other styles.

o    Import citations from the library catalog and databases, such as Google ScholarAcademic Search Premier research4life etc.

o    Share references with groups, classmates and colleagues.

o    Automatically insert citations and bibliographies into your Word documents.

o    Securely store and access your sources across multiple devices.

o    Read and annotate PDFs.

For learning APA, MLA etc. citation styles, you can explore OWL PURDUE ONLINE WRITING LAB

1. Mendeley

Mendeley is a desktop and web program for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online. It combines Mendeley Desktop, a PDF and reference management application (available for Windows, OS X and Linux) with Mendeley Web, an online social network for researchers. 

Mendeley requires the user to store all basic citation data on its servers—storing copies of documents is at the user's discretion. Upon registration, Mendeley provides the user with 2 GB of free web storage space, which is upgradeable at a cost.

Download Mendeley

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2. Zotero

Zotero  is free and open-source reference management software to manage bibliographic data and related research materials (such as PDF files). Notable features include web browser integration, online syncing, generation of in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies, as well as integration with the word processors Microsoft Writer andNeoOffice. It is produced by the Center for History and New Media of George Mason University (GMU). (Source: Wikipedia)
3.  Cite This For Me
You can also use Cite This For Me, a free tool for reference and citation. This is web based and user friendly citation tool for various citation style.

4. RefME

RefME is a free citation management tool available on web, iOS and Android. It offers a functionality that allows users to scan book and journal barcodes with a mobile device and generate citations automatically. It is compatible with other citation management tools such as   Mendeley, Zotero, RefWorks and Endnote and enables exporting in over 7000 citation styles. In May 2015 the company released a Chrome plug-in to allow for direct clipping of web sources, which was followed in August 2015 by a similar iOS extension.