The Library is the backbone of the research and development activities of East West University . The use of library resources is vital for pursuing study and research. It is an integral part of the University and designed to meet the information, research, and curriculum needs of its students, faculty and staff members. It has comprehensive collections to meet the needs of its users. The Library provides a variety of services designed to support students, faculty members, researchers, and staff members of East West University . All categories of members of the Library are encouraged to examine, consult, borrow and browse through any book, journal, printed/non-printed materials, on-line resources, and receive other services of the library.

Professionally trained personnel are responsible for the care of EWU Library and its contents, including the selection, processing, and organization of materials and the delivery of information, instructions, and loan services to meet the needs of its users. The Library personnel are devoted to applying theory and technology to the creation, selection, organization, management, preservation, dissemination, and utilization of collections of information in all formats and help to manage and mediate access to information that may exist only in electronic form.